Use dish soap to make a cold compress – and 7 other amazing dish soap tips!

dish soap
These are eight things you can do with dish soap besides washing up

Dish soap: everybody owns a bottle of it, no doubt. Even if you own a dishwasher, you can’t do without some dishwashing liquid in case you have to do some quick dishes or have to wash something that isn’t dishwasher-proof. But did you know there’s so many more things you can do with this soap? Dish soap is amazing for degreasing, which makes it very useful for other chores in the house as well.

Here’s a list of eight things you can do with it.

1. Kitchen cabinets

Sometimes, when you’re cooking, you might spill or splatter something onto the kitchen cabinets. When this happens, you can just grab a microfiber cloth with some dish soap and water on it and wipe away the grease and filth very easily. This is especially useful for wooden kitchen cabinets, because this way you won’t ruin the finish on the wood.

2. Stains in clothes

When you’ve spilled something greasy on your clothes it’s important to remove it as quickly as possible. Drip some dishwashing liquid onto the stain and lightly rub it in. Leave it to soak for a little while and then put the item of clothing in the washing machine.

3. Stains in car seats

It’s not unthinkable that your child is eating something in the back seat and spills something on the car upholstery – this simply happens from time to time. As with tip #2, drip some dishwashing liquid onto the stain and clean it with a damp cloth. The soap will remove dirty and greasy stains without damaging the fabric.

dish soap

4. The stove

Instead of some expensive cleaning product to clean you stove with, you can just as well use a few drops of dish soap to remove food and grease from your stove. Drip some of the soap onto a sponge or cloth and use this to clean your stove.

5. Fruit fly

You can very easily get rid of fruit flies by mixing together some dishwashing liquid and vinegar. You can read all about this particular trick right here.

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