THIS is the biggest mistake most people make when they’re mopping the floor!


Mopping is much more successful when you’re doing this!

Mopping the floor isn’t our favourite chore, but it has to be done every now and then. Even though you can clean a whole lot using just a vacuum cleaner, you definitely need a mop and some water to get everything truly squeaky clean. But did you know you’ve probably been mopping your floor all wrong all this time?

We had no idea we were doing it wrong…

Dirtiest item

A lot of people think the toilet or the toilet brush is the biggest source of bacteria in a home, but this turns out not to be true. Dutch website revealed that most bacteria are to be found in mops. That’s not that strange when you think about it. With the mop, you scrub a floor full of dust, hair, food scraps and other dirt. Do you put your mop away without cleaning it? Then the bacteria on it will multiply at a quick rate.


Of course, you don’t have to throw out your mop or sponge after every use. If your mop has a detachable pad, you can clean it by washing it at 60 °C. Do you have a mop that cannot be washed? Then you should replace it at least every two months.

These are all great tips for keeping your mop clean, but what is the best way to make sure your floor is actually clean? Apparently, loads of people have been doing it wrong all these years; we know we have!

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