She throws a denture cleaning tablet into the toilet bowl and this is what happens! Genius!

A denture tablet in a toilet bowl? The effect is truly amazing!

No one likes a dirty toilet bowl, especially not if there’s limescale and uric scale involved. Yet most of us have a habit of postponing cleaning the toilet, because let’s face it – it’s a bit of a nasty chore. Really, though, it’s done within a jiffy and not even really that gross, as long as you do it regularly! Plus, it feels much nicer to sit down on a clean toilet, doesn’t it?

We’ve lined up a couple of excellent tricks for you which will make cleaning the toilet a chore that’ll only take a few minutes. No more hours of scrubbing with sweat dripping down your forehead, but only a few simple steps and you’re done. You don’t need any expensive, unhealthy and environmentally unfriendly cleaning products either. The products we’ve picked out for you are cheap, good for you and your environment, and much more effective! Go to the next page to find out more!

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