Removing weeds? With this trick it won’t take long at all! Super practical!


Clean patio tiles in no time at all!

Now that it’s getting a bit sunnier outside, we wanted to give you a great tip. With this mixture, you can get rid of the weeds between your patio tiles in just a few minutes.

Spring is just around the corner. We are (finally) drawn back into the garden. Enjoying the sun on the patio? That sounds fantastic, of course… but then our eyes wander over the tiles and flower beds: weeds everywhere! They need to be removed quickly. Of course, there are some old habits, such as pouring hot potato water over the tiles and weeds… or spending hours plucking and scratching. But before you resort to laborious methods, we have an effective and simple solution for you. This tip will not only rid your patio of weeds in no time at all, but is also environmentally friendly and easy to use. Click on the next page for more information!

In addition to the above tip, it is important not to neglect regular maintenance. A clean and tidy exterior of your home starts with the patio. It is the showpiece and a place to relax and get together. By sweeping regularly and removing leaves and dirt, you can reduce the build-up of weeds and keep your patio inviting. The following method, which we present on the next page, complements this routine perfectly.

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