How clean is your kitchen? With THESE tips it’ll be squeaky clean at all times!

squeaky clean

This is how to make sure your kitchen is squeaky clean!

There’s no need for the tiles on your walls or the surfaces in your kitchen to be so shiny that you can see your reflection. But when it comes to hygiene in the kitchen, raising the bar a little isn’t such a bad idea. Sometimes something looks clean but is in fact still quite dirty. We’ve got a few essential hygiene tips for you!

These are good to know!


It might look like an innocent little cloth, but looks can be deceiving. The dishcloth is the most infamous source of bacteria in your kitchen! Research shows that a single dishcloth contains about 3.5 million bacteria. That’s not just due to all the filth we quickly wipe away with it, but also because we don’t wash it often enough. Use a squeaky clean dishcloth every day, wring it out properly after every use and only use it on your kitchen surfaces.


Did you rinse some fruit and did one grape or strawberry slip out from between your fingers and into the sink? Don’t eat it! Just like the dishcloth, the sink is a breeding ground for bacteria; when we say multiple hundreds of thousand per square centimeter, we’re not exaggerating. This is caused by the combination of food and moisture. In other words: regularly clean your sink.

Exhaust hood

This is something to write down somewhere: when to replace the filters in your exhaust hood, which is every couple of months. Also important is to clean the filter regularly.

Serve straight away

You should serve up warm dishes straight away; keeping food warm for too long creates the ideal environment for germs to grow. That’s also why you should let leftovers cool down quickly; put them in the fridge as soon as possible.

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Source: Margriet | Image: Pixabay