Amazing! This is what a $11 million canal house looks like on the inside!

canal house

A canal house worth over $11 million – if only we lived here!

‘Home sweet home’ is an expression that definitely applies to us. We love being home, sitting cosily on the couch with our legs up. And when we look about us, we realise we’ve done pretty well and are quite proud of our lovely little home! But some houses are simply a bit of a level up. Well, ‘a bit‘… Take a look at this canal house in Amsterdam that’s worth over 11 million dollars!


Are you looking for a nice home away from home? How about the Dutch capital? If you’ve got 11 million dollars lying around, we’ve got a nice home for you: this beautiful canal house on the prestigious Keizersgracht in Amsterdam. This house has 18 rooms, six bedrooms, six bathrooms and an actual lift. Its size? A whopping 2713 square feet (827 square meters)! Inside, the walls are papered with valuable 18th century Chinese wallpaper. You never have to be cold in this home either; it features eight fireplaces. The canal house was for sale for a while but has been removed from the real estate website. We’re wondering who was able to pay so much money and whether they’re enjoying their new home!

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