THIS is why you should always wash your duvet cover inside out

duvet cover

How do you wash your duvet cover?

We always wash jeans or sweaters inside out. That way, the colour and fabric of the piece of clothing will look nice for much longer. But we never really do this with our bed sheets or duvet covers, even though it’s definitely a good idea to wash these inside out as well. 

The reason why you have to wash your duvet cover inside out is actually really logical when you think about it!


The dust that accumulates in your bed while you’re not sleeping in it mainly gets stuck in the corners of the sheets. This dust won’t be washed away if you don’t turn your covers inside out. This will cause accumulations of dust and this is the perfect home for house dust mite. If you’re already having trouble with your lungs, this will only make it worse. Plus, the idea of mites lurking around your duvet cover just isn’t very comfortable.


The best way to wash your sheets is by turning the covers inside out and washing them at 60 ºC. That way, you’re sure that all dust will be washed away and your duvet cover will be nice and fresh when you put it on your bed again. No more dust or dust mites for you! Are you already looking forward to crawling into bed tonight? We certainly are!

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Source: Libelle | Image: Pexels