THIS is how often you should really be changing your bed sheets!

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Yikes, we’ll definitely do it this often from now on!

We don’t know how often you change your bed sheets, but we certainly don’t do it once a week. It’s a bit of a chore, really; taking off all of the sheets and putting on new, clean ones. We’ll definitely do it more often from now on, though, because this is what happens when you don’t change your sheets regularly.

We recommend making some time to change your sheets from now on!

Busy bees

All of us are busy all the time these days. We’re running around all day; we work, take care of our families, and have busy social lives as well. Keeping a clean house is one of the things that gets overlooked every now and then. If we do get around to cleaning, we often stick to the basics: a quick run around with the vacuum cleaner and a load of laundry. Yet you should really clean your bed sheets more often, because this is what happens when you don’t do it.


The best thing to do is to change your bed sheets once a week. When you’re asleep in your cosy, warm bed, you lose a lot of moisture. This moisture is full of skin flakes, dirt and oils. All of this gets in your sheets. And not just that; other things that nest themselves in your sheets are poop residue, urine and spit. All of those things together can cause asthma, sneezing, and blocked sinuses. You won’t be able to see most of this filth, which is why you think you’re still sleeping in a clean bed. If you change your sheets once a week, you’ll prevent most of the filth. We sure know what we’re going to do from now on!

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