You’ll never believe this amazing house is only two meters wide when you see the inside!

two meters

Who doesn’t want to live in this house that’s only two meters wide?

Living in a small home, or ‘tiny house‘, is getting more popular by the minute, it seems. Shedding all the unnecessary stuff in your life and being satisfied with ‘enough’; that’s why people want to live in a small home. Just like this home, which is only two meters wide.

It looks absolutely amazing on the inside!

Two meters wide

This extremely small house is only two meters wide and is situated in London. It’s for sale for 1.2 million euros and is a so-called ‘gap house’: a house that has been designed to fit in small and densely populated streets. Basically, the house is built in an alleyway to be as efficient as possible with the limited space in a city. The house was completely renovated in 2013 by a renowned design studio and that’s definitely obvious: the house looks amazing.


The real estate agent is very positive about the small home: “Its unique proportions make The Slim House a really rare find and one of just a handful in London.” It’s clear a lot of thought went into how the house was furnished: through the use of open closets and cabinets every inch of space is used efficiently. During the renovation, every floor got an additional room, with skylights to create a lighter feel. This house even has a very cute garden! We’d love to live here. How about you? Check out the photos on the next page!