Many people make THIS mistake while cleaning and it makes your house dirtier!


You want your house to become cleaner, not dirtier!

Cleaning: it isn’t exactly our favorite pastime and we prefer to be done with it sooner rather than later. We never considered that in our haste we might actually be doing things that make our homes dirtier instead of cleaner. It’s a waste of time and not fresh and hygienic at all.

A lot of people make this ‘cleaning mistake’ that actually makes sure you have to start all over.

Vacuum cleaner

Do you ever remember to clean your vacuum cleaner? Sure, we replace the bag every now and then, but we don’t really do any more than that. This is exactly the cleaning mistake that messes things up, though! Apart from replacing the bag, you should also regularly clean the filter since all kinds of dirt accumulates there. If you vacuum with a dirty filter, you’ll actually blow all of the dirt right back out the vacuum cleaner. Plus, it diminishes the vacuuming power a lot as well. So, you should definitely clean the filter after every few uses of your vacuum cleaner!

Musty smell

If you notice your vacuum cleaner gives off a musty smell when you’re using it, it’s high time to give it a good clean. Some vacuum cleaners have a washable filter; you can just rinse this in the sink with tepid water (no soap) and it’ll be good to go once more. Filters that aren’t washable can be brushed or vacuumed with another vacuum. This way, your vacuum will have a longer life span and your floors will be much cleaner!

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Source: Libelle | Image: Pexels