Here’s how to easily remove a coffee stain from your sofa’s fabric


This is how to remove coffee stains from your sofa

Sometimes, it happens: you are sitting enjoying a cup of coffee, and suddenly you accidentally spill some of the warm liquid on your sofa. The result: an ugly brown spot. Now what? With these steps, you can easily remove the coffee stain from your sofa. It is important to clean the stain as soon as possible in one of the following ways.

This way, your sofa will be like new again.

Step 1: Remove the covers

If possible, it is best to immediately remove the cover from the cushion that has the stain on it. This prevents the stain from getting bigger. If this is not possible with your sofa, you can skip this step.

Step 2: Remove the moisture

As soon as the spill occurs, it is important to remove the moisture by dabbing a towel or tea towel on it. It is best to use a white cloth, as painted material can worsen the stain.

Step 3: Rinse the coffee stain

If possible, place the cushion cover or the complete cushion under a cold running tap for five minutes. You’ll notice the stain will become less visible!

If you cannot remove the cushion cover, instead of rinsing, you can also sprinkle baking soda and salt directly on the stain and leave it for thirty minutes.

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