Do you have greasy hair a lot? Chances are you’re forgetting to do THIS!

greasy hair

This will help you get rid of greasy hair

A lot of people get greasy hair really quickly. Despite your hair being perfectly clean, it appears to be dirty and that’s a real pity. You use all kinds of shampoo and other lotions and potions but they only seem to make matters worse. Luckily, we’ve got the solution for you!

You probably hadn’t thought of this before!

Hair brush

Many people forget to clean this one thing and just that thing is cause for many cases of greasy hair: your hair brush. You use it practically every day, but do you ever clean it? Probably not often enough, but it’s very important to give it a good clean once a month. Your hair brush is a breeding ground for bacteria that can make your hair greasy and can irritate your scalp.


If you want to properly clean your hair brush, you first have to make sure you remove all the stray hairs from it. Then, use tweezers to get rid of all the fluff and lint that’s stuck in there as well. That was all the preparatory work; now it’s time for the real cleaning to begin! Prepare some soapy water with mild shampoo and water and place the brush into it, with the little pins facing downwards. Make sure the brush isn’t entirely submerged in the water; this will cause the little cushion to become wet and that can cause a nasty smell. Leave the brush to dry with the pins facing down as well. Now, it’ll be ready for use once more!

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