Done doing laundry? This is what you should do with your washing machine afterwards!

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Extend your washing machine’s lifespan!

As far as we’re concerned, it’s the best thing since sliced bread: the washing machine. Having one saves so much time and effort and we can’t even imagine how people ever used to do laundry without it! After all those decades, you’d think we’d know how to treat our machines, though.

Yet we’re all making a mistake that can drastically shorten our washing machines’ lifespans!

Before you transfer your laundry load to the dryer, there’s one thing you should never forget about doing: leave the door of your washing machine open! Most people shut the little door without thinking about it, but this is bad news for your machine. The reason why you should leave the door open is because moisture always stays behind in the machine after you run a load. This moisture can cause bacteria and mould to grow in the drum of your machine. Your clothes won’t come out all that clean if that’s the case! If you leave the door open, the machine can dry and will remain much cleaner!

Has your machine reached the point of smelling badly anyway? Experts recommend running a load with one or two dishwashing tablets once a month. Put the machine on 90 °C. This will prevent nasty smells and makes sure water will flush through nicely, which prevents blockages. Especially when it comes to machines that are five years or older, this can really extend the lifespan.

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Source: Libelle | Image: Unsplash