You know those bags of silica gel that come with new shoes? Don’t throw them out!

silica gel

There’s so much you can do with silica gel!

You know those small bags with those teeny tiny balls that often come with new shoes in a shoe box? We bet you always just immediately throw those in the trash. That’s a pity, because did you know there are tons of things you can do with these tiny balls?

Don’t throw them away next time!


You can find the bags in shoe boxes and packaging of electrical devices. They’re put their because they absorb water from their surroundings. The balls absorb water vapor and retain it as well; that way, the products in the boxes or packaging don’t get any water damage. Do you always throw the bags in the trash can? That’s a real waste, because there are tons of things you can do with them.


Pictures: The tiny bags are very useful for keeping precious keepsakes and memories intact. Place a bag of silica gel in a box you use to keep old pictures in and they won’t be damaged by moisture at all. This way, they’ll retain their colour for a longer period of time.

Camera: When you take a camera with you on holiday there’s a pretty big chance of the lens becoming damp or even wet due to the hot climate or high level of humidity. To prevent the water from leaking into your camera, you can place a bag of silica gel in the bag you keep your camera in.

Clothes: When you put your clothes in a suitcase or bag, there’s a big chance of them becoming a little damp. This can make them feel actually damp while you’re wearing them and they might start to stink. It’s very easy to prevent this problem by putting a bag of silica gel in the suitcase or bag you keep the clothes in.

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