Don’t want to clean your oven after every use? With these tips it’ll stay clean even when you’re using it!

your oven
This way, your oven will remain clean while you’re baking something

It seems unavoidable sometimes; even though you’ve tried so hard not to spill anything, your oven is full of grease splatters and other filth as soon as you’re done using it. The steam that comes off of your food often contains grease as well, which is why your oven becomes dirty and will start to smell eventually. There are a couple of ways to prevent this from happening as much as possible. And prevention is better than cure; it saves you a lot of cleaning time!

A clean oven makes cooking a lot more fun.

Use oven dishes with lids

To prevent steam from escaping from your food and greasing up your oven, it’s best to use oven dishes with lids on them. This will cause the steam to stay inside the dish and that means the oven won’t get greasy. You can also buy multifunctional lids that will fit on different-sized dishes like this cheap one. That way, you don’t have to buy new expensive dishes.

Use aluminium foil

When you’re grilling meat or vegetables in the oven, you’ll want them to become nice and crispy. That means you shouldn’t use a lid in these instances, because the food will stay moist if you use a lid. If you do also want to stop the food from greasing up your oven, though, you can use the following trick. Wrap your meat or veggies in some aluminium foil and then place it in the oven to bake. After about three quarters of the baking time is up, remove the foil and bake the food ‘naked’ for the rest of the baking time. This will make it extra crispy and you’ll notice it’ll make your oven a lot less greasy.

Leave the baking tray inside the oven

When you’re baking something on the grate in the oven, like a cake, you’ll probably be inclined to take the baking tray out of the oven. It’s much better to leave it in the oven at the bottom, though. That way, it’ll be able to catch any grease or other stuff that drips from the food you’re baking. Afterwards, you can simply take out the tray and wash it in the sink, which will save you a lot of annoying cleaning time. If you want to save even more time, you could also place a piece of aluminium foil at the bottom of your oven. The only thing you’ll have to do with that after using it is throwing it away.

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