This is why you should give hair from your hairbrush to your plants

hairs hairbrush plants

With this you are guaranteed to keep your plants alive

Plants give your house a trendy, lively and beautiful appearance. No wonder we flock to all kinds of green gems to give our interior that little something extra. This is all great, but you do not get great looking plants without some work. Do you have a black thumb? Are you better at killing plants than keeping them alive? Then it is time to apply a new trick. Grab your hairbrush – yes, you read that right – and just add the hair to your plants. Believe it or not, those plucked hairs from your brush will keep your plant alive.

Weird, but true!


If you don’t have a green thumb, it can be difficult to keep your plants alive. Watering them regularly and putting them in the right place is a good start. But, unfortunately, it doesn’t end there. You must also ensure that your plant receives plenty of other nutrients. You can do this by repotting your plant once in a while, but there is also another way you can provide your plant with some nutrition.

A bunch of hair

I’m sure you’ve been amazed at how many hairs you pull from your brush. And chances are, you throw this bunch into the trash bin. Don’t do it. Hair from your hairbrush is the trick to keeping those house plants alive.

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