Are your car windows always steaming up? They won’t anymore with this trick using a sock!

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With this genius trick your car windows will never fog up again

Most people will recognize this problem: it’s cold outside, you get into your car, start the motor and within no time all of your windows have steamed up. It’s really annoying, because you want to leave straight away instead of having to wait for all the condensation to be gone again. Luckily, there’s a very simple trick to prevent your windows from fogging up in the first place.

You can get in and drive off straight away.

Moist air
Fogged up car windows are caused by the breath of the passengers, wet clothes, or outside water that accumulates beneath the car mats. In combination with the extra damp air during the cold winter months, condensation can arise easily in your car. It’s very dangerous to drive with steamed up windows since you can’t see a thing. That’s why we found this handy and simple solution that will have you driving safely in no time at all.

Simple trick
All you need are two old socks, some kitty litter, and a large roll of tape. Fold the end of a sock around the roll of tape so the sock opens easily. Fill the sock with kitty litter, take it off the roll of tape and tie it closed. Put this sock inside the second sock and tie that one closed as well. Place the sock on the dashboard of your car or beneath one of the seats and you’ll notice your windows will no longer steam up!

In the video below Dave Hax explains this trick as well and you can take a look at the instructions yourself:

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Source: YouTube, DaveHax | Image: Flickr Joy and love door Quinn Dombrowski license CC BY 2.0