Boil a white shirt in a pot with lemon slices and you might end up with this amazing result

white shirt

Your shirt will look glowing white again

Making sure white clothes remain white seems like an impossible task sometimes. White socks discolour after a few wears already and end up looking more like grey socks. Then there are white shirts, which transform into grey-white items in no time at all, it seems. Luckily, there’s an easy trick that will help you turn your white shirt back to its original bright white self.

Boil your formerly white, now greyish shirts in a pan with water and lemons.

White shirt

A shirt that’s supposed to be white but no longer is is not exactly a pretty sight. Socks also discolour within no time, which is less of a big deal because when they’re inside your shoes, nobody sees them anyway. When shirts lose their white shine after a couple of wears, however, it really is a bummer. It can make your clothes look a little dingy and that’s not what you want at all. So, should you throw the shirt away after wearing it only a couple of times? No! There’s no need to waste a perfectly fine shirt like that. With this trick we’ve got for you today, your shirt will be back to being bright and white within a jiffy!

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