Sore throat? These are 9 things you can do to help

5. Gargling with salt water

Stir a teaspoon of salt through a large glass of boiling hot water. Let this cool down and then use it to gargle with. Salt works anti-inflammatory.

6. Hard candy

Suck on a piece of hard candy or liquorice in order to create more saliva. This will soothe the throat as well. There are also a ton of cough drops available in stores, which have the same effect. Some of these also have some painkilling qualities.

7. Steaming

The steam that is released when you’re taking a hot bath or hot shower hydrates the mucous membranes, which will cause them to become less irritated. If you decide to steam in a bath or above a bowl of hot water, add a bit of peppermint oil to the water to open up your nose and throat.

8. Proper humidity

A dry house can cause irritated mucous membranes. Make sure the humidity level in your home is right by installing a humidifier. If that’s not an option, you can also place a small bowl of water on top of the radiator.

9. Doctor

Does your sore throat persist way longer than it should? Or do you suddenly have a terrible ache in your throat combined with a fever? Visit your doctor because you might have a throat inflammation of infection.

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Source: Women’s Health | Image: Pxhere

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