This is what happens to your body if you don’t shower for two days in a row


You’d better not skip that shower anymore!

We all have those mornings when it’s all just a little bit too much: you have to get yourself ready and make sure you look at least somewhat presentable, you have to prepare breakfast and some of you might even have to make sure the kids are all fed and clothed and ready to go. We totally get that you might miss a morning shower every now and then.

That’s completely fine, as long as you do take one again the next day.


If you skip a shower two days in a row, all kinds of unfortunate processes start to take place inside your body, and these are the kinds of processes you do not want. Of the 1000 bacteria and 40 types of fungi that every human being carries with them (yikes), there are a couple that are bad for your health. When you take your shower, you wash away those intruders very easily. But if you skip your warm morning (or evening) shower two days in a row, these intruders do stick your body.

Body odours

Of course, you don’t immediately get sick when you don’t shower for two days in a row. However, in the long run, these bacteria and fungi can be harmful to you. They can get inside your body through your eyes, your nose or your mouth and cause you to get ill. Apart from the fact that it can be bad for your health, these bacteria and fungi also cause no less than 30 nasty smells. So, making some time to take a shower in the morning isn’t that bad an idea!

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Source: Libelle | Image: Pexels