9 surprisingly simple cleaning hacks for clothes everyone should know of

cleaning hacks

These cleaning hacks are very handy!

Clothes: we love them. We like to take good care of our most precious items of clothing, but accidents do happen. It’s very easy to spill some red wine on your favourite jeans, for example. Don’t despair, though, because there’s a solution. This solution and other amazing clothes cleaning hacks are what we’ve got for you today.

This is how you fix a lot of clothing-related frustrations:

  1. Spilt some red wine on your pants or shirt? Drench a dishcloth in white wine and then use this to dab at the red wine stain with. Piling a lot of salt on the red wine stain will also help remove it.
  2. Prevent ladders in your new pantyhose by putting them in the freezer before wearing them and spraying some hairspray on them after you take them out again.
  3. Do you own a beautiful suede bag that you need to clean? Take a clean toothbrush and use it to scrub the bag with.
  4. Make sure your jeans or jeans jacket retain their colour by letting them soak in a vinegar mixture. Fill a dishpan or bucket with cold water and add 240 ml white vinegar. Place the jeans in there for a little while. The vinegar will cause the jeans to retain its original colour. The smell of vinegar will disappear when the clothes are dry again.
  5. Have your sneakers gotten a little stinky? Put some tea bags in them and leave them there for about 12 hours. The tea bags will absorb the smell. Repeat the process if necessary.

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