Sore throat? These are 9 things you can do to help

sore throat
These tips can soothe a sore throat

Colder days are here again and with that often comes a wave of flu and colds. The lack of sunshine means you get less vitamin D and the cold means you’re more susceptible to viruses. And nobody likes a sore throat. It’s so annoying! Luckily, there are plenty of ways to relieve your sore throat. We’ve got nine tips for you today.

This way, the soreness will be gone before you know it.

1. Sleep

The best way to get back on top of your health game is to get a good amount of sleep. So, crawl into bed a little early to make sure you get plenty of rest. That way, your body will heal quickest.

2. Tea

Honey has been one of the main remedies against sore throats for a very long time. The sweet liquid soothes the pain and has an anti-inflammatory function as well. That’s why it’s smart to add this to your tea. To give your tea that extra bit of oomph, you can add spices with healing qualities. Cinnamon relieves pain, cloves dissolve phlegm, turmeric is anti-inflammatory, and cayenne pepper clears away toxins. So, make a tea out of cinnamon, cloves, turmeric and a little bit of cayenne pepper. Add some ginger as well and a splash of honey and you’re good to go!

3. Ice

It’s the complete opposite of hot tea, but it soothes the throat as well: frozen water. A cold ice pop relieves the pain in your throat. Do pick an ice pop without any dairy in it, though, because dairy irritates the throat.

4. Chicken soup

A centuries-old remedy for a sore throat is good old chicken soup. Chicken soup will help reduce the amount of mucus in your sinuses, which will cause your throat to be less irritated.

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