These are 5 things that happen to your body if you overeat at Christmas


Did you overeat at Christmas? This is what happened to your body

You start with a glorious breakfast on Christmas morning, followed by a big lunch and an even bigger dinner. And in the meantime, you shove Christmas cookie after Christmas cookie into your mouth. Yep, that’s Christmas. We already know it’s not exactly good for our figures, but what really happens when you overeat?

You’re putting your body through quite a lot!

1. Food coma

You know the feeling: you’ve eaten a little too much and then you get a huge after-dinner dip. When you overeat, your body produces extra insulin, after which your blood sugar levels reach a high and then take a dive. The result? You just want to sleep.

2. Toilet

Do you need to run to the toilet right after dinner? Then you’ve probably been a little too greedy. What happens in this situation is something called the ‘dumping syndrome’: when you eat too much too fast, the food ends up in your smaller intestine in big chunks. The food doesn’t become small enough and you have to make a run for it to get to the toilet.

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