10 things you do every morning that cause you to gain weight!


So many people do these things wrong in the morning!

Everyone knows eating healthy and exercising enough is important when it comes to a healthy lifestyle and a nice figure. It turns out that your morning ritual also influences those love handles around your hips, though. If you start your day out right, you’ll notice what it does for your health and body. Definitely worth a try!

Here are some dos and don’ts when it comes to morning habits:

Sleeping enough is important for a healthy lifestyle, but (unfortunately) sleeping too much is bad for you. It’s better to not stay in bed till 1 in the afternoon on your lazy Saturday. Too much sleep increases your risk of diabetes and heart problems. Plus, if you press that ‘snooze’ button too often, you’re going to have to hurry, which means you’ll have to skip breakfast.

And breakfast is so important to the start of your day! By skipping breakfast, you’re giving your metabolism an undeserved kick and you deprive your body of many benefits. Having breakfast lowers the amount of stress hormones in your body and ensures you’ll have plenty of energy to start your day. It also makes it a lot easier to eat healthily and leave aside the crisps and biscuits.

Weigh yourself
Apparently, you’ll gain weight less quickly when you weigh yourself on a daily basis. The Journal of Obesity has performed a study that showed that people who weighed themselves in the morning (after they’d gone to thee toilet) generally lost more weight than people who didn’t. This doesn’t work as well when you’re doing a lot of strength training, though, because muscles are heavier than fat. This means you might gain weight while you’re actually becoming slimmer.

Do you grab for your phone straight away every morning? Then you’re already starting your day out wrong, because you get stressed by all the things you see on there. It’s much better to take that time to wake up at the breakfast table in a more relaxed manner.

That pretty pencil skirt or those incredibly high heels might look great, but they’re not very comfortable. This might prevent you from taking a walk during your lunch break or taking the stairs instead of the lift. If you do want to wear these clothes (you didn’t buy them for nothing, after all), you might consider taking a pair of flat shoes with you at all times.

It’s super easy to just have a slice of bread or some toast in the morning, but these aren’t the right carbs and they cause you to gain weight. Replace your bread with oatmeal or Greek yogurt with fruit. Delicious and nutritious.

Try meditating in the morning! It might sound a bit too out there, but it can help loads when it comes to lowering your stress levels. Take a seat and calmly breathe in and out for a while. It can also help to put on some relaxing music.

Stretch out your body bit by bit when you wake up. Make sure you do this evenly and calmly. It’ll boost your energy levels a lot!

Open the curtains! Many people get ready for the day while their curtains are still closed and this doesn’t allow them to wake up in a relaxed way. Of course, it might be a privacy thing: if your neighbours are staring right at you when you’re getting ready, it might be a good idea to get dressed in the bathroom or away from the window instead.

Before having that much desired first cup of coffee, drink a large glass of water. It helps to keep things balanced in your body and gives it the right start.

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Source: RemedyDaily | Image: Pexels