Ha! Research shows: men who clean often live longer!


Yet another reason to put him to work!

Women staying home to clean the house is an outdated practice by now, of course. Men are perfectly capable of doing household chores as well! Not all men agree with this, though, and for a lot of couples the chores aren’t divided equally at all. Does your man just sit around all day? Present him with this article to read!

Cleaning the windows, doing the dishes and mopping the floors; men better start doing these chores immediately if they want to live longer!

Household chores
McMaster University and Hamilton Health Sciences collaborated on research for the Health Research Institute. They found out that doing 30 minutes worth of household chores a day will reduce the chance of premature death for men with a whopping 28 percent. The chances of getting heart problems also decreases with 20 percent.

The researchers studied 130,000 people from 17 different countries. This showed that if people are active for at least 150 minutes a week over a period of seven years, the mortality rate decreases with eight percent. People who walked or hiked for 750 minutes every week even have a 36 percent lower chance of dying early! And what’s more active than vacuuming the entire house? Men, get off the sofa and clean away!

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Source: Gatsby | Image: Pixabay