Are your hands always cold? This is what you can do about it

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This is why your hands are always cold!

A lot of people – mostly women – frequently get cold hands. And even when you wear thick gloves, it won’t go away. You can rub your hands, warm them on a hot cup of coffee, but eventually the cold will come back. So the question that is on all ‘cold-handed-people’s’ minds is: why do your hands get cold? And how can you get rid of it?


One of the main reasons for cold hands has to do with your circulation. If the circulatory system of your blood isn’t working well, your hands will get cold. Your body and your circulation system work hard to keep you warm. When you’re in a colder climate, they will have to work harder. It is especially important that your organs stay warm. That is why your circulation system will makes sure that there is enough blood circulating around your organs. But that blood has to come from somewhere. That means that sometimes, the blood from your hands is needed to warm the rest of your body. Resulting in those cold hands you hate so much. Improving your circulation would help to keep your hands warm when it’s cold outside. If you want to improve your circulation, you can exercise regularly or drink some ginger tea.


We are not surprised that vitamins are, yet again, the cause for some health issue we’re experiencing. Vitamins are so important! If you lack certain vitamins, it will mess with your circulation. Vitamin C or B are very important when it comes to your circulatory system. One vitamin that is particularly important when it comes to warm hands, is vitamin B12. This vitamin is needed for the production of blood and nerves. When you don’t have enough vitamin B12 in your body, your fingers will get numb and a tingling sensation might occur. That is why a balanced diet with plenty of vitamin B12 is important for your body!


If you don’t just struggle with cold hands but also feel tired and experience hair loss, then you might want to contact your doctor to get your blood checked. Because it could be that you’re suffering from anemia. Anemia is a condition that is caused by an iron deficiency. Because of this deficiency, your body won’t produce enough red blood cells. This results in the symptoms you’re experiencing. The easy cure would be to add some iron to your diet. Or your doctor could prescribe you some supplements if needed.

Raynaud’s disease

The last possibility, when you have ruled out all the other options, is that you’re suffering from Raynoud’s disease. This disease will cause the flow of blood to your fingers and toes, to stop. You will notice that your toes and fingers become numb and a discoloration will be visible. If you want to make sure whether or not you’re dealing with Raynaud’s disease, you could ask your doctor to check your symptoms. Luckily, the disease isn’t cause for a lot of concern. What it could do, is increase your risk for frostbite. But it is always good to get a professional opinion from your doctor who could inform you on the disease and the risks that come with it.

Hopefully, these tips will help you stay warm!

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Source: Cosmopolitan, CNN | Image: Unsplash, Alisa Anton