These 3 fruits will help you get rid of that bloated feeling


These fruits will help you feel much better again

Unfortunately, everyone feels bloated sometimes. That bloated feeling can be caused by unhealthy food, but even vegetables can be the culprit, especially different kinds of cabbage. No matter how you got the unpleasant feeling, you want to get rid of it as quickly as possible. These three fruits can help you out with that.

Stock up on these fruits!

Toilet visit

People who are familiar with feeling bloated will also agree that even though you want to visit the toilet, it often takes a long time before you actually can. Along with the bloated feeling, people often experience constipation, nausea and flatulence. By eating the fruits mentioned below, you can get rid of that bloated feeling more quickly.

1. Plums

Want to get rid of your constipation? Eat some plums! Apparently, plums have been the preferred solution to constipation for centuries already. That’s because plums contain a substance called sorbitol, which has a laxative effect. Besides that, plums are full of fibres. Both dried and fresh plums can help you get rid of your bloated feeling.

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