Did you know starting the day with a bit of ginger was this healthy? We’re stocking up right away!


Start the morning with ginger!

You probably knew already that ginger is good for your body; that’s common knowledge by now. It boosts your immune system and has a positive influence on your digestion and metabolism. Besides that, it also has an anti-bacterial function and it helps against a sore throat. But these are just a few of the amazing characteristics of this superfood.

You can eat it fresh or in the form of powder, use it in a dish or very easily make a cup of tea with it (throw a bit of fresh ginger in boiling water and leave it for a little while). Start your day with a cup of ginger tea and you’ll be amazed with what it will do for your health!

  • Goodbye toxins! This root is filled with antioxidants, which break down toxic substances and make sure they don’t accumulate within your body.
  • Heat: Do you always feel cold? Or do you still have to adjust to the colder weather? Ginger warms your body from the inside out.
  • Digestion: It is good for your digestion. That’s why you’re always served a piece of ginger along with a sushi dish. It calms your stomach when you’ve eaten too much of that heavenly food. Plus, it helps against bloating.
  • Motion sickness: Ginger is an amazing (and proven!) cure against motion sickness, dizziness and nausea. It also helps against morning sickness during pregnancy.
  • Anti-inflammatory: Multiple studies have proven that a regular intake of ginger can cause an anti-inflammatory effect. Inflammatory diseases such as different types of rheumatism can be helped by this. Having a soar throat? Ginger will help prevent laryngitis, according to alternative medicine.
  • Detox: Ginger stimulates the blood circulation as well as a healthy transpiration. This is what causes toxins to leave your body: it’s a natural detox!

Wow, we know what we’ll be having with our breakfast from now on!

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Source: Margriet  | Image as illustration