This is what happens to your body if you drink warm water every morning!

warm water

Drinking warm water on an empty stomach has a lot of benefits

Although we always aim to drink at least 1.5 liter water every day, it can be a little difficult to actually maintain this. Coffee and yummy juices are way tastier, right? To motivate you to drink water even more, we’ve looked up the benefits of starting your day with a glass of warm water.

Have some warm water before getting ready in the morning.

  • Boosts your metabolism: Your metabolism gets a boost if you start your day with a glass of warm water. This is very important, because your metabolism decides how quickly your body converts nutrients into energy. That’s not the only thing, though: if you’ve got a faster metabolism, you’ll burn calories faster as well.
  • Helps against menstruation pains: Warm water makes sure your blood circulate quicker, which means your muscles will be able to relax more. This reduces your cramps.
  • Natural detox: By drinking warm water every morning, you’ll flush the toxins out of your body faster. Add a wedge of lemon for an even better result.
  • Good for the skin: Warm water improves the elasticity of your skin and repairs damaged skin.
  • Combat bacteria: By drinking warm water on an empty stomach, bacteria won’t be able to nest inside your body quite as easily. That means it’s a natural remedy against an oncoming cold or flu. It also loosens the phlegm and helps to remove it from your lungs. And helps to sooth a sore throat.

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Source: Libelle | Image: Pixabay