How many eggs can you safely eat in a week? We’ve got the answer!


Eggs are very healthy, but can you eat too many of them?

Even if you know just a tiny bit about the whole protein story, you’ll know that an egg is full of it. Proteins are important for building muscles as well as muscle recovery. Plus, eggs will make you feel full quite quickly. They’re also rich in cholesterol, though…

So, what’s the right balance?

Eating an entire carton of this yummy food in one day is not a good idea. That’s pretty obvious, of course, but what is the perfect amount? Keri Gans, author of The Small Change Diet, provides us with some insight. He explains it’s not advisable for the average person to eat more than two eggs a day, but this also depends on the rest of your diet. Two eggs are healthy, but if you make these into an omelet with loads of cheese, you’ll add a lot of extra calories and fat. Say goodbye to your healthy lunch.

Egg yolk
So, two of them is fine, but you do have to pay attention to other food that’s high in cholesterol. If those two eggs are the only foods you’re consuming that have a lot of cholesterol in it, you’re okay. Do you also eat a lot of meat? Then it’s not a very good idea to eat two eggs every day. It can help to leave out the egg yolk, because there isn’t any cholesterol in the whites. Are you making an omelet? You don’t have to leave out all of the egg yolk, but you could try the following: use one egg in its entirety and one egg without its egg yolk.

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Source: GezondheidsnetWomen’s Health mag | Image: Pexels