Prevent fruit from browning with this easy and simple tip!

prevent fruit from browning
How to easily prevent fruit from browning

Don’t you hate it when you cut up some fruit at home to take with you on the go, only to discover that when it’s time to enjoy your snack it has turned brown? It’s still edible, but it does not look very appetizing. It doesn’t matter how well you’ve packaged your pre-cut snack, it still turns brown while on the go. Luckily there’s a solution!

You probably already have what you need in your kitchen cupboard.

Lemon juice

You may have already heard of this tip: sprinkle some lemon juice over your apple to prevent it from going brown. This is absolutely right, but with just adding one other ingrediënt you have the perfect mixture to prevent fruit from browning. This works for apples as well as other fruit you cut up and take with you. If you like making a mixed fruit salad for on the go or perhaps for a party, consider sprinkling this mixture over it to keep it looking appetizing.

Magic mixture

What do you need besides lemon juice? Honey! Simply mix one tablespoon of honey with one tablespoon of water and a few drops of lemon juice. Pour this mixture over your fruit and you’ll see that it won’t turn brown anymore. It does add a little taste to your fruit, but the sweetness of the honey with the tanginess of the lemon juice is a great addition to your fruit.

How does it work?

This mixture work because of the acidity and vitamin C in the lemon juice, which work together with the amino acids from the honey. The combination slows down the browning process and prevents the fruit from browning altogether.

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