This is why you should use parchment paper only once

parchment paper

Do you reuse your parchment paper?

A relatable scenario: you have just baked a fresh batch of cookies and while cleaning the mess in your kitchen, you notice the parchment paper. Still completely intact. Almost good as new. So you save it for the next time you decide to make some delicious and warm snacks. But that might not be the right move according to experts. 


Parchment paper seems like an easy thing to reuse, especially if it still looks good after using it once or twice. But apparently, reusing your sheet of baking paper might not be the healthiest thing to do. According to Joke Herremans who is an expert on chemicals, the thin paper sheet has a silicone or PFAS-coating. PFAS stands for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances. These are substances that aren’t naturally present in the environment. The silicons and PFAS make the baking paper water- and grease-resistant. When you use the sheets of paper in a regular way, you won’t have to worry about these substances. But when you re-use your parchment paper, these chemicals might be released.


The best thing would be to only use your parchment paper once. There are also silicone-free paper options so you can bake without running the risk of releasing toxic chemicals. You would still have to grease the paper but at least you won’t have to worry about PFAS or silicones. Another alternative could be a silicone baking tin. These baking tins are completely made out of silicones which makes it so you don’t have to use parchment paper or grease. Just make sure you keep the temperature in your oven below 200 degrees Celsius, otherwise the heat will cause unwanted chemicals to be released from the silicone too, says Herremans.

So the best option would be to use parchment paper for the doughy creations that require a higher temperature (throw it out after using it), and use a silicone baking tin for the cookies and cakes that can be baked below 200 degrees. This way you can enjoy all of your delicious cookies and cakes without worrying about chemicals. And that will make them taste so much better!

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Sources: Kookfans, RIVM | Image: Unsplash, Priscilla Du Preez