Not sure if your eggs are still fresh? With this simple trick you’ll know in an instant!


Are those eggs still fresh?

We love to fry an egg for breakfast or lunch. Put it on some toast, perhaps add some cheese, a slice of tomato and a pinch of salt and pepper for the finishing touch. Delicious! 

The other day, however, we noticed that the sticker with the expiration date had come off our carton of eggs. It can be pretty dangerous to eat eggs that have gone off, so we did some research on how to find out whether your eggs are still fresh. And we succeeded!

There’s a very simple trick you can do to find out whether the egg you want to devour is still fresh: put it in a glass of water! If the egg floats on the water, you can throw it in the bin straight away because this means it has gone off. If the egg sinks, but stands up straight, it’s about 3 weeks old. It’s no longer fresh, but it’s not gone bad either, so you can still eat it. If the egg sinks and lies flat on the bottom of the glass, it’s still lovely and fresh.

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Image: Pexels