There’s a quick and easy way to remove a sticker and you already own the solution!


That sticker will come off before you know it!

You’ve just bought a beautiful new plate and you’re over the moon with it. Now comes the annoying part: you’ll need to get the sticker off the bottom and that’s always such a hassle. You try to do it carefully, but somehow a piece of it always stays behind, which you then try to peel off with your nail. And then your nail breaks. Is there anything more frustrating than peeling off stickers? We seriously doubt it… Luckily, we found an easier way to do it!

When you know this trick, you’ll never suffer from sticker frustration again!

You only need two things for this trick to work and you probably own both of them already: oil and a cotton pad. Drench the cotton pad in oil and rub this over the sticker, so this gets drenched in oil as well. Press down on the cotton pad a little harder and you’ll notice you’ll be able to rub off the sticker pretty easily. That’s all there is to it! Why didn’t we know about this trick before?

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Source: 5 minute crafts | Image: video still 5 minute crafts