Do you just use your Swiffer ® to dust your floor? That’s a pity, because you can use it for much more!

A Swiffer is good for much more than just cleaning the floor!

Back when it first came out into stores it was a true hype and these days the duster on a stick is something many households couldn’t imagine doing without: the Swiffer. It’s very useful for when the floor isn’t dusty enough yet to vacuum but you do want to quickly clean your home. Hair and dust stick to it, which means we’re big fans already. But did you know you can use a Swiffer for much more than just cleaning your floor? We’ll also be using it for these chores from now on!

  • Mildew in the bathroom: In damp places in your home, like the bathroom, mildew can easily develop on walls and ceilings. Especially in older homes moisture will stick around more. A moisture absorber alone often isn’t enough; you might have to face the mould head on. Before grabbing a cloth, consider reaching for your Swiffer! Dampen a Swiffer wipe with water and bleach, and you’ll rid your ceiling of mildew in no time at all!
  • Cobwebs: With a Swiffer you’ll be able to get rid of cobwebs within a jiffy! The cloths are super static, which means every little bit of the cobweb will stick to it. Because of the long stick you can reach every corner without having to balance on a ladder fearing for your life.
  • Cleaning closets: All those little nooks and corners in closets can be especially difficult to clean. To make this chore a lot easier, simply grab your Swiffer! You’ll be able to reach every corner very easily and your closet will be dust free in no time.
  • Dusting plants: Yes, plants gather dust too. To clean them, just grab a Swiffer pad. These take up much more dust than regular cloths! Your plants will look shiny and fresh after cleaning them like this.
  • Priming before painting: Before you paint your walls you usually treat them with a primer. You can very easily apply the primer to your walls using a Swiffer covered in an old sock or cloth! This makes things a lot easier!

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Source: Good Housekeeping | Image as illustration