Does your cat always scratch your sofa? THIS is how you make sure he won’t anymore!


A cat is the most amazing pet! But your sofa probably doesn’t agree…

Cats are wonderful pets that love to play, but they can be a little hard to raise properly, unfortunately. Apart from playing, they also love to scratch things, and sometimes it seems like your sofa is their favourite scratching post.

You can put down an actual scratching post for your cat to use, but more often than not cats just decide to ignore those. No, your beautiful furniture is way more interesting! Unfortunately, this makes your luxury sofa look like you got it out of a dumpster within no time and that’s a huge waste. Sofas aren’t cheap! Luckily, there are ways to avoid this and we’ve got a few useful tips to make sure your cat’s claws no longer disfigure your furniture.

If there’s something cats hate, it’s the sound of aluminium foil. So, you can try taping aluminium foil to the parts of the furniture your cat likes to scratch, and there’s no way they will continue to scratch it. Of course, aluminium foil on your furniture doesn’t look very pretty, so we’ve got another, less visible, tip for you: double-sided tape! Apply double-sided tape to the places your cat likes to scratch. When they’ll try to scratch it, they’ll feel something sticky on their paws. Cats hate stickiness, so they’ll stop scratching those places!

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