Wow, this is such a blast from the past! This house hasn’t been touched since the 70s!


This house still looks the same way it did in the 70s!

You see it in fashion, but also in interior design: all trends make a comeback at some point or another. This is also true for the retro look from the 70s. People are paying big money these days to get their hands on vintage items from those days. Wooden panels, prints, bean bags, stuff made out of cork: it’s all fashionable again! 

This house is a dream to look around in for true lovers of the 70s!

There’s a house in the American town of Framingham, Massachusetts, that hasn’t changed one bit since it was designed in the 70s. The walls, the colours, the furniture and the floors: everything has remained untouched. The original owner built and styled the house completely how he wanted it and the next inhabitants thought it was so special that they left everything in this original state. Those owners have just moved, though, so now the house is for sale.

For sale
The house is currently for sale for $624,900 and includes all the original details. Besides a seemingly endless amount of wooden paneling, you also get five bedrooms, a pool and an amazing bathroom. Take a look and enjoy, because you’ll definitely recognise certain elements!

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Source and images: NSMBL