THIS weird little trick will make getting rid of dust on your screens super easy!


We had no idea making your screens dust free was this simple!

When you’re working on your laptop or walk past your TV, you’ll probably find a small layer of dust quite regularly. As long as you’re just casually looking at the screen, you might not really notice it, but when you’re concentrating on your screen, it’s hard to miss. It isn’t exactly bothersome, but it’s hardly nice either.

Trying to wipe your TV screen with a cloth is the most frustrating thing since it won’t end up looking any cleaner at all. You can wipe, polish and brush as much as you like but the cursed screen won’t be dust free. That’s because you’re going about it completely wrong. The solution? A coffee filter.

Coffee filter
We admit it’ll probably look a bit weird when you see someone cleaning the screen of their laptop with a coffee filter, but it is the answer if you want your screens to be free of dust. All you have to do is cut open a coffee filter and then wipe it across the TV, laptop or phone screen in question.

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Source: Buzzfeed | Image: Warmerise forum