Accidentally spilled some bleach on your clothes? No worries, this trick can help you fix it!

Bleach stains don’t have to be permanent

Did you catch cleaning fever, which led to the over-enthusiastic use of bleach? Are you now stuck with a clothing item that’s no longer wearable because of the bleach stains? Well, it can happen. Don’t throw away your favourite jumper or pair of trousers yet, because there is a way to lift the stain from the fabric. You can still save your clothing!

Don’t throw your bleach-stained clothes away, you can still save them.

Cleaning products

Everyone makes mistakes, and sometimes we just don’t pay as much attention to our tasks as we should. However, especially with cleaning products such as chlorine and bleach, we have to be super careful. Unfortunately, accidents do happen. We should wear old clothing when using these products to clean, but sometimes you just want to clean something quickly wearing your nice, new clothes. A splatter of bleach is enough to leave a nasty stain in the fabric. Oh no! Don’t fret, you don’t necessarily have to throw the clothing item away. There is a way to save it, so try this cleaning hack before throwing your favourite shirt or jumper away.

Cleaning hack

The only thing you need for this cleaning hack is sodium thiosulfate, a chemical used for developing analogue photos. Put two tablespoons of sodium thiosulfate in a small bowl full of water and mix this. Use a clean cloth and wet this in the mixture. Blot the bleach stain until your cloth comes away clean and does not absorb any more of the bleach. Throw your clothes in the washer and wash it like you usually would. This trick works best when done on a fresh bleach stain.

Is your bleach stain older or quite small? Go on to the next page to learn how to fix those stains.

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