These are 5 things you didn’t know you can clean using the washing machine!


We had no idea washing these things was this easy!

We love washing machines and we expect we’re not alone in this. Although doing laundry isn’t our favourite thing in the world, we do acknowledge that having a machine to do it for us makes things a lot easier. It makes us feel kind of grateful to our trusty machine. It washes load after load of our clothes, towels and bed sheets – but did you know there many more things you can clean in your washer?

We’ve put together a list of five of our favourite things to clean in the washing machine!

Yoga mats

Doing some yoga after a long day of work can be really relaxing, but if you’ve been using your yoga mat for a while, you might start to notice it’s turned a bit grimy and smelly. Everybody sweats! Cleaning it might seem like a difficult task, but it really doesn’t have to be. Just use your washing machine. Do make sure your mat is machine-wash-compatible, though. If it is, you can wash it on a cold cycle together with your bed sheets.

Baseball caps

Think about it: every time you wear a baseball cap, you leave behind sweat, grease and probably skin flakes. Yet most people rarely, if ever, wash their baseball caps. That doesn’t sound very hygienic now, does it? And they’re super easy to wash, too! Just put your cap in the machine along with similar colours and wash it on a gentle, cold cycle.

Pet collars and leashes

Your dog’s collar is bound to be full of bacteria and it’s probably kind of smelly as well. It’s definitely a good idea to give it a wash. Throw it in the washing machine and use an allergy-free laundry detergent. Your pet will be grateful!

Stuffed animals

It might sound a little cruel to put your kid’s favourite stuffed animal into the deadly washing machine, but it’s definitely for the best. Put them into a pillowcase and then wash them together with clothes of a similar colour. They’ll come out a lot more healthy and fresh!


Washing Legos?! We know, it sounds a little weird, but when you think about it it’s actually quite logical. The pieces of Lego are breedings grounds for bacteria since they’re touched by little hands over and over again. Cleaning them can be super easy: just put them in a pillowcase, tie it and then wash it on a cold cycle along with some clothes.

Want to see even more unexpected things you can throw in the washer? Watch the video below!

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Source: TipHero | Image: Pixabay