Do you just use coffee filters for making coffee? You can do so much more with them!

Cleaning windows

Cleaning your windows with coffee filters? It sounds like a strange endeavour, but there’s actually a good reason why this works very well. Since the filters are so absorbent, they will not leave behind any ugly streaks or drops. Using a coffee filter is the perfect finishing touch for squeaky clean, streak-free windows.

Polishing shoes

Those cute black leather boots run the risk of starting to look a little dull and matted after a while. With coffee filters, you can give them back their shine! This also works for the inside of your car. Use a coffee filter and a little bit of olive oil to remove ugly stains and lint from your leather seats and dashboard.


Coffee filters aren’t great at filtering coffee, you can also use them for filtering juices. Do you like your orange juice without pips and pulp? Filter it through a coffee filter for completely smooth, pulp-free juice! This trick will also work for pieces of cork in your bottle of wine.

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Source: Flair | Image: Huffington Post, Pixabay

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