With these 5 tips your towels will become and stay super soft

This is how you get soft towels in no time at all

Are you familiar with those rough, stiff towels that seem to scrub your skin right off when you use them after your shower? Some people like this sensation, but others prefer a softer towel like those you get in a hotel. That’s why a lot of people pour a load of fabric softener in with their laundry, but that’s exactly what you shouldn’t do!

Towels like sandpaper.

Why do towels become stiff?

We all know it happens, but we have no idea why it happens: why do our towels go rough and stiff? It’s because our water contains minerals that roughens the fibers. This means that towels have a shelf life of about two to three years before they’re worn out. You can lengthen their lives by following these tips, though.

1. Quality

For some items around the house it doesn’t really matter whether you buy the expensive version or the cheap one; the quality is pretty much the same. That isn’t true for towels, though. With towels it’s definitely a smart move to go for the more expensive option. They’ll last much longer than cheap ones. It’s important that they’re made entirely out of cotton and are nice and thick.

2. Fabric softener

You might be used to pouring a good amount of fabric softener into your washing machine to make sure your towels come out nice and soft. This is exactly what you shouldn’t be doing, though, because it has the opposite effect. The fabric softener damages the fibers and creates a layer on top of the material which will prevent the towel from absorbing water as easily. It also means your towels will get rough more quickly, since the fibers are damaged. If you want to add a nice scent to your towels, go for a natural fabric softener from a nature shop.

3. Ironing

Ironing might seem to make your towels softer at first, but in the long term you’re actually damaging the fibers. And why would you iron your towels anyway? They hardly crease.

4. Soaking

Before you wash them, soak your towels in a mixture of lemon juice, apple cider vinegar and water. Next, just wash them like you would normally, and they will come out perfectly soft. The sour smell from the vinegar and the lemon juice will wash right out in the washing machine.

5. Dryer

Drying towels in the tumble dryer seems to make them nice and soft, but it actually causes them to absorb water less easily. They also get damaged quicker this way, which means you’ll have to buy new ones sooner. You’re better off drying them outside in the wind. The movement of them waving in the wind will cause them to remain soft. If you really want to dry them in the dryer, put it on the coldest programme.

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Source: HLN | Image: Pexels