Do you just use coffee filters for making coffee? You can do so much more with them!

coffee filters

Polish, dab, filter: coffee filters can do it all!

A lot of people own a Nespresso, Senseo or Dolce Gusto machine these days. These people will be a little bummed right now, because those regular old coffee filters are super handy! You can use them for much more than just making coffee. Of course, you don’t have to make the drastic decision of saying goodbye to your Nespresso machine, but we definitely would recommend getting some coffee filters!

  • Dabbing grease: Coffee filters are champions when it comes to absorbing grease. And, unlike paper towels, filters don’t leave behind any lint. So, have you used a bit too much butter and do you want to remove some from the pan? Just wipe a coffee filter through your pan and you’ll notice you’ll have a lot less butter already.
  • Removing nail polish: The ‘no lint’-rule applies here as well. If you want to remove some excess nail polish from your nail or finger you don’t have to worry about leaving behind any fluff or lint if you use a coffee filter instead of a paper towel or cotton wool.
  • Cleaning windows: Because the filters absorb everything so well, they don’t leave behind ugly streaks or drops. Using a coffee filter is the perfect finishing touch for squeaky clean, streak-free windows.
  • Polishing shoes: Those cute black boots run the risk of starting to look a little dull and matted. With coffee filters, you can give them back their shine! This also works for the inside of your car. Use a coffee filter and a little bit of olive oil to remove ugly stains and lint from you leather seats and dashboard.
  • FilteringYou can use coffee filters for filtering juices as well. Do you like your orange juice without pips and pulp? Filter it through a coffee filter for completely smooth, pulp-free juice! This trick will also work for pieces of cork in your bottle of wine.

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Source: Flair | Image: Huffington Post