These are 8 simple cleaning tips using just some vinegar! Amazing!


Eight useful household tips with vinegar

To us, a bottle of vinegar is an essential product to have in our kitchen. You can use it in dressings, to cook with or, for something completely different, to clean with! It’s a natural product which means it’s not harmful to the environment like some other (aggressive) cleaning products. Did you know about these eight things you can clean using this amazing product?

We didn’t know there were this many things you can clean with this natural cleaner!

1. Washing machine

Vinegar has a degreasing quality, so it can be really beneficial to pour a bit of it in the fabric softener compartment of your washing machine. This way, you’ll prevent soap residue from sticking to the pipes of the machine. The natural cleaner is also very effective when it comes to nasty smells, so it can be smart to add some of it to a load of laundry with particularly sweaty clothes.

2. Removing stickers

To remove non-slip stickers or pads from your bathtub, you can use a sponge or cloth drenched in warm vinegar. The stickers will come off really easily! You can also use this same trick to get rid of stickers and labels on glasses, plates or plastic.

3. Remove limescale

Vinegar is a real winner when it comes to removing limescale. Do you want to remove the limescale around your tap? Drench some kitchen towels in vinegar and put it onto the limescale. Leave this to sit for about an hour and then clean it. Your tape will shine once more!

4. Showerhead

Your showerhead will be completely clean and free of scale after you clean it with this amazing product. Is your showerhead made out of metal or zinc? Mix together 250 ml white vinegar and 1 liter of water and bring it up to a boil. Boil your showerhead in this mixture for 15 minutes and it’ll be clean once more. Does your showerhead contain bits of plastic? Mix together 500 ml of vinegar and 500 ml of hot water and leave the showerhead to soak in this for at least an hour.

5. Baby clothes

Vinegar doesn’t just work against nasty smells, it also gets rid of urine. So, it’s a good idea to add a bit of it to your laundry instead of fabric softener if your child has had a little accident. This can also be useful if your dog or cat has peed on something it shouldn’t have.

6. Wool and cotton

Wool and cotton will become soft and fluffy once more if you use vinegar instead of fabric softener.

7. Windows

Try cleaning your windows with a little bit of vinegar. Mix together one part vinegar and three parts water and spray this on your windows. This will stop your windows from steaming up as quickly and they’ll be squeaky clean. This trick also works perfectly on car windows and will stop them from freezing.

8. Coffee pot and tea kettle

To free your coffee pot or kettle from limescale, fill it with equal parts water and vinegar. Boil this for a couple of minutes to remove all of the limescale. Do remember to rinse it thoroughly before you use it again!

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