6 tips that will save time and effort when you’re doing laundry

Doing laundry isn’t our favourite chore, but these tips will make it a lot easier

Sure, putting the dirty laundry in the machine and turning it on isn’t a problem. But drying, ironing, folding… it can take up a lot of your time! To make your life a little easier, we’ve got six handy tricks that will make the entire process of doing laundry a little easier and a little less time-consuming. We’re all about both of those things!

No matter what’s going on, this chore is something that has to be done!

1. Drying

It should be so easy; you put your towels in the dryer and a little while later they come out dry. Unfortunately, it happens quite often that towels are still a little bit damp, even when they come out the dryer. You either have to put them back in the dryer for another cycle or hang them on a drying rack. To prevent this problem you can buy a wool dryer ball. These balls make sure your towels don’t bunch up in the dryer and they’ll be dry more quickly. It’ll also prevent static cling on your clothes as well as wrinkles. You can even add a little bit of essential oil to the ball to add a nice smell.

2. Folding

Do you despise folding clean laundry as much as we do and do you have trouble getting a neat, straight stack of clothes? You might want to consider getting yourself a folding board. Place T-shirts, blouses and sweaters onto the board and simply flip the sides to get a neatly folded item of clothing. Fold, fold, fold and done! This way, you’ll have a uniform stack of clothes and your wardrobe will be neat and tidy.

3. Upgrade your laundry basket

We usually drag our plastic laundry basket throughout the entire house. We use it for wet laundry, dry laundry, folded laundry… But what do you do with it when you don’t use it? Oftentimes, such a big, plastic basket is just something that gets in the way when you’re not using it. You might want to choose a foldable basket that’s easy to put away. It’ll save you a lot of space and it’ll look much less messy.

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