Here’s why you should use tomato ketchup on your silver items


Polishing silver has never been this easy

Silver and bronze are very vulnerable, which is why you should never clean them with very aggressive products. But what, then, should you be using instead? The answer to this question will probably surprise you but we think it’s very likely that you already own the product in question.

It’s one of the most popular condiments around.

Tomato ketchup

The best way to clean silver and bronze is to polish it with tomato ketchup. Because of its pH value, the ketchup can very easily break down carbon. It’s exactly this carbon that causes silverware and bronze to become tarnished. Ketchup will soak the carbon spots loose and get rid of them. The biggest advantage of ketchup is that it won’t leave behind any scratches or stains. Do make sure you use the sauce in the right way. If you leave it on too long, the acid can damage the silver.

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