This is the quickest and handiest way to clean your home!


This is the best way to clean your home without wasting time!

Cleaning is a chore many of us don’t particularly love. We’ll do anything to be done with it as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, haste is rarely a good thing, but it can be if you use these tips. If you clean your home in this way, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and your home will be as clean as it can be.

We’ll be cleaning our home this way from now on!


Most of the time, we clean our home in the weekend or in the evenings, but we don’t want to spend too much time on it in those moments. Seems reasonable, because we’ve got different things we like to do with our precious free time! To get off to a good start, it’s important to first tidy up your home. Clear away magazines and other things lying around the table and put away your children’s toys. This will make dusting a lot easier and your home already looks a lot cleaner!


Don’t be too stubborn while cleaning. If a product’s instructions tell you to let it soak for 20 minutes, let it soak for 20 minutes. You’ll have time to get on with a different aspect of the cleaning process during this time window. In the end, you won’t have to scrub as fiercely, and that will save you time!


Vacuuming can be done very efficiently, but most of us don’t do it that way. We run around with the vacuum and sometimes realise all of a sudden that we’ve forgotten a corner on the other side of the room. The plug needs to be moved to another socket again and that takes time. To make the vacuuming process as efficient as possible, try starting in the middle of the room. That way, you won’t have to keep switching sockets and you won’t forget to to vacuum the middle of the room.

Changing the bed sheets

You’ve almost finished changing the sheets on your bed and then you notice you’ve put on the fitted sheet with the label on the outside! Now you can start all over again… Of course, you could just leave it be, but we know we’d be annoyed every time we noticed it. So, you take it off and start again, which takes time. Next time you change the sheets, search for the label before putting the sheet on the bed. Make sure it’s on the inside and you’ll only have to make the bed once.


To avoid having to do things twice, it’s important to pay attention to the order in which you clean things. Start with the dusting and only start vacuuming after you’re done with that. While you’re dusting, it’s unavoidable to have some of the dust fall down to the floor. So, if you dust after you’ve vacuumed, you can start vacuuming a second time right afterwards. You can keep the following thing in mind when it comes to cleaning order: start at the top and work your way down to the bottom.

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