A small function in this ballpoint pen has saved a ton of lives already and here’s why!

ballpoint pen

The cap of this ballpoint pen is a true lifesaver!

We’re guessing pretty much everyone has used a BIC ballpoint pen to write something down at some point. They’re very popular and we can see why; they’re great to write with. Yet their quality isn’t the only thing that distinguishes BIC from the rest. The pen has a very handy function in its cap. It’s one we never realised existed.

Did you ever notice there’s a small hole in the cap of the pen?


Let’s first talk about the problem that this hole solves. Children (as well as some adults) put everything in their mouth, including pen caps. This can be very risky, especially for children, because before you know it they’ve swallowed the cap. It can block the airways and in the worst case this can mean that the child chokes before the ambulance has arrived. BIC didn’t want to be responsible for this, so they came up with a solution.

Small hole

There’s a small hole in the cap of the pen. This hole is meant to make sure that people who have swallowed the cap can still get just enough air to prevent them from choking. That way, the ambulance has enough time to get to the victim. This saves hundreds of people from choking each year! Pretty ingenious, right?

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Source: Entoen.tv | Image: pxhere