A woman sued ZARA because she found THIS in her new dress… So gross!


This new ZARA dress came with a nasty surprise!

Cailey Fiesel from New York went to ZARA and came home with the perfect little black dress. She put it away in her wardrobe, until she decided to wear it to work one day. When she wanted to take it out, she was met with an ominous smell…

Ominous smell
Cailey decided to wear the dress to work anyway; it was brand new, so what could possibly be wrong with it? Still, a penetrant smell lingered around the dress and she kept feeling an itch at her leg from a stray thread at the hem. When she wanted to remove the thread, she was surprised to feel an entire bump in the hem of her dress. Wondering what on earth it could be, she took off her dress and inspected the hem. And what she found there… We’re shivering just thinking about it!

What she found in her hem was the carcass of a dead mouse! The mouse was sewed into the hem and that was the source of the penetrant smell. And the loose thread? It wasn’t a thread, but one of the dead mouse’s paws… Cailey, shocked as she was, has sued the clothing store. She states that she is suing because of both emotional and physical damage; emotional damage because she was so shocked and frightened, and physical damage because she developed a nasty rash because of the incident. The store is aware of the incident and has stated that they are investigating the matter.

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