What does the colour of your clothes say about your personality? We’ve got the answer!


You’ll never guess the personality that goes with pink clothes!

You probably already knew that the way other people perceive you is influenced by many things, but did you know that even the colour of your clothes can make a difference? Every colour is linked to different traits so they all result in a different perception. Is your favourite colour part of our list?

  • Red: The colour red has a big impact on the human brain. People who wear a lot of red love to be at the centre of attention. It also projects passion and aggression and did you know waitresses who wear red usually earn more tips? Even a bit of red lipstick can make a difference!
  • Black: Black is a common colour in many wardrobes because it’s safe and you can never go wrong with it. It’s often linked to strength, power and mystery. Did you know that people who wear black during job interviews have a higher chance of being hired than people who wear white?
  • Blue: Blue is a royal colour and is often associated with calmness, confidence, comfort and friendliness. It also radiates positivity and is often linked to competence, intelligence, trust and efficiency.
  • Pink: Research shows that this adorable colour actually radiates strength and power. It is associated with independence and feminism. But don’t overdo it on the pink since that has the opposite effect. Adding a few pink touches can make you look like a true power woman!
  • Grey: Lots of people think grey is a bit of a dull colour, which more or less fits with its meaning. Grey stands for neutrality and passivity. If you wear a lot of grey, you don’t want to attract any attention and don’t want to be noticed.
  • Purple: Purple’s all about luxury and style. The colour is very suitable for formal occasions. This meaning has been connected to purple for a very long time, because it isn’t a natural colour. It used to take a lot of effort to create the colour purple, which is why it is linked to luxury.
  • Brown: This colour is often associated with masculinity and stability. People who wear brown have an air of authority, which might be why women who work in a masculine environment often wear it. It shows that they are strong and unafraid.
  • Green: Green is often linked to positivity, harmony, safety and innovation. Besides that, the colour is easy on the eyes, which ensures that you radiate calmness when you wear it. People like to look at people who wear green because it makes them feel at ease.

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